The Bestway 51128 Independent Product Review

Bestway 51128 product review

July 1, 2022

We all remember our first kiss. But do we all remember our first above ground pool? Unless you are a bit obsessed. Well, here at small pool owner we are obsessed and biased toward above ground pools. And my first purchase was the Bestway 51128.

They made the Bestway 51128 inflatable pool for kids.

Small kids.

And that was the reason we bought it. Being the proud father of two boys, it was a no-brainer to get a inflatable pool for those hot summer days.

So why would you consider purchasing a Bestway 51128 inflatable above ground pool? In general, if you have small kids, limited space and want something cost-effective and durable, then the Bestway 51128 inflatable pool is a good solid choice. Easy to setup with practically zero maintenance, your kids will enjoy splashing around in this pool. Further, the shallow water depth promotes natural swimming confidence in kids.

With this in mind, let’s look at the most considerations with regard to the Bestway 51128 inflatable pool.

The Brand

Bestway is one of the top two above ground pool manufacturers around. They have delighted swimmers since 1994 with a range of above ground pool options, products and accessories. You can purchase all their products via Amazon, simply click here

The benefit of buying a Bestway 51128

Make no mistake, this is a kid’s pool. Although I can say from experience that I have, on numerous occasions, sat in the pool for some escape from the heat. (Yeah, it looked funny, but what is a man to do?)

  • The pool is safe. Which is the number one priority where water is concerned. Very shallow water depth, small in frame, and when used with adult supervision (which always always always should be the case) you will experience your kids enjoying the water stress-free.
  • The small frame and shallow depth will give your kids early water and swimming confidence.
  • This is a low-maintenance swimming product. Simply tip it over after each swim or end of the weekend, deflate and store away.
  • Uses little water
  • This product can be used inside or outside.
  • Take up very little space.

Bestway 51128 Cost

At the time of writing, you can purchase this pool for anything between $10-$20.

Get your Bestway 51128 Pool here from Amazon.

Bestway 51128 Setup and Maintenance

Do you have great lungs? If so, it should not be difficult to inflate this pool. I found it tough the first time around and later used a simple electric air pump

As for maintenance, as we , mentioned I found it easier to just deflate after each swim and store it away. Of course, apart from keeping it clean, it remains a safety concern with small kids around.

If you want more general information about above ground pool safety for children, then read this article.


I found this product to be very sturdy and durable. Let’s be honest it is for kids 2-4 years old, and if you know my boys…well let me just say they tend to play rough. We gave it away in almost perfect condition after 4 summers to friends who still use it.

Cons of the Bestway 51128 Kids Pool

The only drawback is that this pool is only for smaller kids. My eldest son soon lost interest when he turned 5 and required something bigger to swim in. So if your child is nearing towards 4 years old, then rather consider a bigger option.

Final Verdict

The Bestway 51128 inflatable above ground pool is a low-cost, durable, safe and low maintenance pool intended for small kids. If you are low in space and need something easy to set up for your kids, then you should consider this option.

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