Stop Stressing – Child Proof Your Above Ground Pool

Child Proof Your Above Ground Pool

December 3, 2021

Whenever there are toddlers and children around a pool of any sort, parents start to panic. And that is why we need to chat about how to child proof your above ground pool.

We have all heard about accidents. That said this article wants to focus on the positives and what you can do to childproof your above-ground pool. It is a follow-up to our article on how to keep your kids safe in an above-ground pool, which you can read here.

With the average aluminum frame above ground pool standing at 48 to 52 inches or 1,2 to 1,3 meters it naturally is a safer swimming pool especially for small children and toddlers. Most would struggle to get their bodies over the frame and into the pool.

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So, here are our top tips for childproofing your above-ground pool.

Get an Above-Ground Pool With a Frame

We touched on this in the opening paragraph, but the main safety benefit of an above-ground pool is height.

Stats have shown that there are more than 10 times more drownings in in-ground pools than above-ground pools, making it naturally more safe.

So, aim for the highest pool that you can afford. Also if you have some money to spare, and if you have very small kids, then you can even consider elevating the pool further with a concrete platform.

Add an Extra Fence

Before we explain this further, one question we get asked regularly is Can you add a temporary fence around your above-ground pool? In general, any framed (steel or aluminum) above ground pool can have a temporary fence fixed on top of the frame. These fences clip onto the frame, is sturdy, and would prevent children from accidentally falling into the pool.

Now, with the natural height, you can add an additional barrier around your pool. Extra fences are not too expensive and also regulate entry towards the ladder only. (See next tip)

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An alternative option if space allows is to put a fence around your above ground pool with an access gate.

Lock Up or Remove The Pool Ladder

In most instances, your ladder would become the only access point for children to get into the water.

You can lock the ladder with a small gate to gain access through or you can simply get into the habit of removing your ladder and putting it out of reach every time that you finished a swim.

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Get a Above Ground Pool Alarm

Okay so this one is unique and intriguing and truth be told not something I have tested personally. That said the idea was given to us by one of our contributors.

Most of the commercial pool alarms available (browse for yours here) is floating devices that will pick up any movement inside stationary water. These alarms are nonintrusive and won’t damage the lining of your above ground poo.

In fact, they would be suitable for all types of pools.

A word of cation, however, is that this should not be used as the primary child-proofing mechanism for your above ground pool.

Add a Above-Ground Pool Cover

We have chatted extensively about the importance of above ground pool covers from a maintenance perspective – check it out here,

However, a well-maintained and properly tied down cover can keep small kids above the waterline should they manage to get over the frame.

That said, In our opinion, this should NOT be used as the only childproofing option for your above-ground pool, and would be best in conjunction with all the other options.

Keep Floating Devices Inside The Pool

Adding pool noodles or other floating devices in your pool can assist when a child accidentally falls into the pool. It provides an opportunity to grab onto something in order to keep above water.

Similar to the cover as mentioned above, this should NOT be the only feature to childproof your above-ground pool. Also, logically this does really on a child to grab and understand that it might assist them.


In this article, we discussed a few practical methods that you can set-up to keep your children safe with an above ground pool. It is essential to understand that some of the methods should NEVER be used a the Primary safety option.

Use good logic and purchase what you can afford.

Related Question

Here are some related questions you might have:

Is it better to get a small inflatable pool or framed above ground pool for my kids?

In general, the decision on which type of pool would normally be determined first around available space and then with regards to the age of your kids. For babies and toddlers, a small inflatable would be more than sufficient and perfectly safe with parents’ supervision.

How do you stop kids from getting into an above ground pool?

In general, the main methods are to set up a fence, remove the ladder and add a pool cover. Supplementary methods can include adding additional height to your pool, adding a pool alarm and permanent floating devices.

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