Above Ground Pool Safety Equipment for Babies

Above Ground Pool Safety Equipment for Babies

May 27, 2022

In this article, we discuss above ground pool safety equipment for babies.

However before we get started:

When it comes to children and swimming pools, safety should always be your number one concern. If you have an above ground pool, you will want to ensure that your baby is safe and protected while in the pool. Making sure that your child can swim safely is critical.

Safety with above ground pools starts with parents and caregivers.


Never ever ever ever, leave a baby or child unattended with any pool or any water.

Period again.

Next, it is up to the pool. So we have discussed in this article why above ground pools are in general safer than inground pools however, there are several different kinds of above ground pools available, you will want to choose the one that best suits your needs.

We also discussed How Safe is an above ground pool for babies in this article.

Then childproof it as we discussed here.

Now that we have the compulsory safety discussion out of the way, let’s talk about some awesome above ground pool safety equipment for babies and toddlers. (Of course, these are for all pools, but we are biased okay.)

Baby Floats

Baby floats are a great way to keep your baby safe in the water. These floating devices are available in many different sizes, shapes and colors. You can find them at most pool supply stores. They are also cheap and on special here on Amazon at the time of writing this article.

Overall, pool floats can be used by infants, toddlers and even older children. If you have more than one child of different ages and sizes then it’s helpful to get several different types of floats so that each child has their own personal floatation device suitable for their size and age group.

Okay this might be very obvious but in general the larger inflatable toys work well for bigger babies while small inflatable toys work better with smaller babies who may not be able to sit up on their own yet but should still enjoy being near mommy while she swims!

Lastly, Baby swim floats are very popular items because they keep kids entertained. These colorful playthings float easily atop water surfaces due to their lightweight construction materials.

And the lighter the weight, the easier it gets for toddlers to maneuver them safely around.

So our verdict is, Baby floats are fun, colorful, playful and won’t cost you a lot of money to purchase.

Again check out these specials on Amazon

Or these great specials from a specialty store

Baby Life Jackets

It goes without saying that it is important to keep your baby safe at all times while enjoying the water. This includes keeping them in the above ground pool, in ground pool, bathtub, or any other body of water. Of course this is where above ground pool safety equipment comes in.

Babies should wear a life jacket when they are near water so that if they fall in accidentally that they are protected and floating.

This will of course buy parents or other adults enough time to safely pick or take your baby out of the pool.

Normally, these jackets come with a strap that goes around their waist or chest to keep them afloat if they do fall in.

Of course, buying a life jacket is as easy as hopping over to Amazon so click here.

Alternatively, for something more special get it here.

Swim safely, always.

It’s important to remember that even if your baby is a swimmer, you should always supervise your child in and around the pool. Here are some tips for making sure that everyone stays safe:

  • Never leave a child alone in the water. Even if you’re just going to use the bathroom or get another drink, ask an adult friend or neighbor to watch them for a few minutes so they don’t get into trouble.
  • Never leave children unattended in bathrooms. Bathroom floors are slippery on their own, but when wet from splashing around in pools and showers, it can be downright dangerous for kids who aren’t yet old enough to have their balance under control. Make sure there’s something soft covering all of these surfaces before letting young ones go anywhere near them alone!


You can keep your baby safe in an above ground pool with various accessories and baby safety equipment. It can be both secure and playful.

Related Questions

How do I keep my toddler out of my above ground pool?

In general, the first rule is to never allow a toddler near an above ground pool alone. If this cannot be achieved for whatever reason, ensure that your above ground pool has at a minimum a pool cover. Next ensure that any step ladders into the pool are either placed out of reach or has a gate to prevent todlers from climbing on or into it. Lastly if you can add a fence around your above ground pool.

Is above ground pool covers safe for babies?

Since an above ground pool is normally elevated it is naturally more difficult for a baby to fall into the water. Adding a above ground pool cover can prevent the majority of accidents. These pool covers are normally made from UV-stabilized polyethylene, polypropylene, or vinyl, and in general, it can withstand up to 485 lbs of weight, depending on your with and diameter of your pool. These two elements, height and pool cover make an above ground pool a safer option. It is important to note that some US Sates has mandatory regulation with pool covers so please be advised to contact local authorities for detail.

When can a baby go into an above ground pool?

Never without adult supervision. Then if you need to know how old a baby would be ready for swimming in an above ground pool then read this article.

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