Are Above-Ground Pools Easier To Maintain?

April 13, 2021

Finally, you have an above-ground pool. Filled with clear blue water. The kids enjoy it. You enjoy it. Then that first leaf drops. Then the next and soon you start seeing dust on the bottom. This happened to us on the very first day! So, yes, this article is about pool cleaning and maintenance.

Are above-ground pools easier to maintain? In general, above-ground pools are easier to maintain due to their smaller frame and lower water volume than in-ground pools. All the basic pool cleaning equipment and consumables are still necessary to keep your pool in the best condition. All of this said, you will still need to spend some dedicated time cleaning and maintaining your pool.

Regardless of the type of pool, if you want to swim in clear water there is some work to be done, but don’t sweat (obviously it depends on where you live) above-ground pool maintenance is easy if you follow a proper system.

The differences between in-ground and above-ground pool maintenance

Okay so this might seem to be very elementary, but the main difference as stated previously between in-ground and above-the-ground pools is water volume.

The more water volume, the more maintenance is required. Or stated in another way. The larger the pool the more work.

We don’t want to just ditch good old traditional in-ground pools. So, it is important to that that in-ground pools normally are fitted with a filtering system or pump, and a pool vacuum, which has a convenience factor associated with it. Also if we look at longevity, in-ground will outlast above ground by at least 30 years.

However, cleaning leaves, and adding consumables is a more intensive process than with smaller above-ground pools.

What is basic above-ground pool maintenance?

You want to swim in a clean pool right? Further to that, you want your above-ground pool to last for as long as possible. We have already established that it is easier to maintain an above-ground pool, so let’s elaborate a little more.

There are three basics components in good pool maintenance.

  1. Shedule
    • You have create yoiurself a pool maintenece shedule. Allocate yourself time to skim the leaves. Add time to run your pool pump and filter and make it all a habit
  2. Water treatment
    • Keeping your pool clean from leaves and other debris.
    • Treating your pool with the right chemicals – more on this later.
  3. Sun and weather protection
    • One of the biggest drawbacks of above-the-ground pools is weather and especially sun damage. To combat this, add a cover to your pool. Apart from protecting against the sun it will assist with water treatment as well.

What start-up equipment and consumables you will need

When you purchase your above ground pool then take this shopping list with or purchase online. Links included in each product.

So what are the basic pool cleaning equipment and consumables you need? In general it is the following:

  • Pool Chlorine – it kills the germs. It prevents mosquitoes from breeding. It is simply a must and is the most important consumable every type of pool needs. Get yourself one of these slow-release chlorine dispensers.
  • Pool leaf skimmer. Normally the skimmer and pole are bought together, but some sell them separately. Trust me, get one with a long extension even if you have a small pool. Get in the habit of quickly skimming the new leaves from your above ground pool and you won’t have problems later on
  • Above ground pool filter pump. This one is important. I waited too long and the end result was I needed to drain everything and refill my pool. Dust, dirty kids’ feet and mud easily enter your pool, and if you have a pump that you run regularly you won’t have too many issues keeping your water clear.
  • Above ground pool cover. As we stated earlier, this will protect your pool from the sun. Since the cover also extends over the frame it will also protect those components.

With pool care there are a host of products and consumables, however, the above list should give you a solid start in keeping your pool protected and the water nice and clear.

How to treat your pool for the first time

So, you bought your pool. You assembled it as per instruction. It looks perfect.

Next you filled it up. Okay the water bill might be higher this month. But don’t worry it will be worth it.

Next take a swim first, you deserve it.

Once done, toss in your pool chlorine dispenser. Make sure you added the setting on slow release. Take a step back and marvel at your new pool!

Next take out the leaf skimmer and do some serious…well skimming. Unless your pool is in the middle of the proverbial desert with no leaves in sight you will be surprised how water is a natural magnet. Also, little or big feet in and out the water adds more stuff into your pool. Get in the hobbit of cleaning skimming for leaves and other debris after each swim.

Then assemble your pool filter pump to the pool. The below video will show you how easy that step is.

Once assembled, get into a rhythm of running the pump. Daily would be best, however, aim at least for three good runs during the week.

Lastly, once you are done for the day cover your pool with you pool cover. You might need an extra hand to get it done the first time, and make sure you don’t drop all the dust and leaves when you lift the cover.

And if the above seemed super easy…well we told you that above-ground pools are easy to maintain!

Other related questions

How much does it cost to maintain an above-ground pool? In general, you would need to purchase your pool consumables which is a monthly expense, then your pump and cover which are once-off costs. Your monthly consumables would be between a $25-$35 range and your once-off costs for a decent pump $100 and cover from $45 upwards depending on pool size.

How much does a pool raise your electric bill? In general, a above-ground pool pump and filtering system will run approximately 720 kwh for a month. Depending on state this would be low cost to your electricity bill.

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