Any Celebrities With Above Ground Pools? (The Answer Might Scare You)

Celebrities that own above ground pools

August 18, 2021

Celebrities that own above ground pools

It is a fact of life that people need confirmation when purchasing something. Also in the world, we live in, we sometimes require some social or influencer proof that our purchasing decision is endorsed.

So, in lieu of that, we decided it would be the best of freaking best ideas to find out which celebrities own above ground pools.

Because surely that would make buying one – like all these great awesome, super exciting above ground pools from Amazon – a breeze.

Perhaps a few celebrities owning these pools can become a movement.

So we started the search. Far and wide. Hours upon hours of research. Long nights. Pots and Pots of coffee.

And what did we find? Which Celebrities own Above Ground pools?

Currently, there are no celebrities owning or endorsing above ground pools. This might not be the case with regards to advertising certain above ground pool brands. Most celebrities own large in-ground pools with various high priced accessories and exterior decor.

We get it.


So why o why are there no celbrities with above ground pools?

No idea.

Why celebs don’t invest in the raddest invention of the modern world is beyond our mere mortal comprehension.

Is it too cheap?

Can it not be transformed into something spectacular?

Of course, an above ground pool can be transformed. In this article, we show you exactly what you can add around your above ground pool to make it look spectacular!

What type of Pools Does Celebs Own Then

From gold to simple, fountains and water features, pristine perfect water, our sought-after celebs have a taste for the extravagant.

Check out this video about some of the best out there. Yes, okay it does make my above ground pool seem small.

We get it…

Which one is your favorite?

Are there at least some celebrities with small pools?

Sorry peeps.

Nothing specific that we could find. This seemed like such a bad topic to research.

That said…

If you have celebrity money then get one of these pools

Modern and awesome.

Can you transform your above ground pool into something similar?

Perhaps not, but we can always take design inspiration from these pools.

With some budget, some ingenuity and some design direction you can transform a normal back yard above ground pool into something a celebrity would dip their $200 million insured toes in.

So, the following video will show you what is possible. Enjoy.

To Conclude

Ok, so we did not find any celebrities that own an above ground pool.

If there are any out there that are readers of this blog – then let us know….

However, even though this article was written tongue in cheek, had a few minutes of actual research, we did aim to show you that even though celebs might not buy into the movement, there is no reason why you should not.

In fact, you can create a spectacular pool at a fraction of a celebrity pool.

One that looks just as good and one that you and your family will enjoy for years to come.

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