Must-Have Above Ground Pool Accessories

Must Have Pool Accessories for Above Ground Pools

August 11, 2021

Must Have Pool Accessories for Above Ground Pools

An above ground pool is a great way to have a pool in your backyard without the hassle of installing an expensive inground pool. But which above ground pool accessories do you need to keep your pool safe and enjoyable?

Now, in this article, we will explore the must-have pool accessories needed for both maintenance and fun. Because let’s face it, a clean working pool plus awesome swimming activities equals hours and hours of summer fun.

So the biggest question first:

What are the essential above ground pool maintenance accessories needed to keep your pool in the best condition? In general, the essential maintenance accessories will fall into two categories; Pool cleaning and Pool Protection. At a minimum for pool cleaning, you would require a pool lead net and chlorine and for protection a pool cover and ladder to protect the steel frame.

Now that the maintenance part is out of the way, let’s look at the second most important question:

What are the best fun items to buy for your above-ground pool?

  • Floating pool lounger – these are perfect for relaxing in the sun
  • Pool volleyball net – great for getting a little competitive 
  • Water basketball hoop – hours of fun in the sun
  • Inflatable slide 
  • Pool floats with coolers attached underneath 
  • Above Ground Pool Lights
  • Canopy Shade for above ground pool
  • Waterproof Bluetooth speaker. 

We will discuss these later in this article.

But first, let’s investigate the must-have maintenance accessories and then the 9 fun accessories, so everything you need to know is packed in one place. You can thank us later!

Must have above ground pool maintenance accessories to keep your pool in perfect condition

Pool Leaf Net and Pole

If you are on a budget or starting out, this is the one accessory that you must purchase immediately.

Don’t even think about it.

This above-ground pool accessory allows you to remove leaves and other debris from your swimming area. Doing a routine sweep will prevent so much frustration, later on, so keep to a simple schedule.

If you already have some leaves at the bottom a good “system” to clean is to get your kids in the pool and ask them to create a “whirlpool”. After a few minutes, all the bottom debris will end up on the ground in the centre from where you can pick it up.

This item is low-cost, and here are some great options for pool nets and poles at Amazon.

Big Question: Why is a Pool Leaf Net important for an above ground pool? Since your above ground pool is exposed to the elements it will fill up with debris like leaves, insects and seeds. In time these will drift to the bottom of your pool, altering the water quality and appearance. Getting a Pool Leaf net, together with a cleaning schedule will keep your water quality and pool clean.

Basic Pool Chlorine Kit

Pool Chlorine is important for the water in your above-ground pool. It kills germs and bacteria. The Pool Chlorine kit will come with a bottle of chlorine o in tablet form, and you’ll want to use it every few weeks or so to keep your pool clean and safe for swimming.

The best option get yourself a month’s supply of tablets and let it float in the water.

It is always a good idea to take it out when kids are swimming since they tend to play with it.

You don’t have to go to the store to pick it up, check out these specials on Pool Chlorine from Amazon.

Above Ground Pool Pump

It helps to keep the water in your above-ground pool clean and safe for swimming.

Small, lightweight, cost-effective these pumps check pretty much all the proverbial boxes, and we highly advise getting a pump when you purchase your above ground pool. In some instances, these pumps come standard with the purchase so keep a lookout for specials.

It is important to have a pump so that the water doesn’t stay on one side of the pool and dirt starts to collect there.

The pump is put in an area where it has easy access to both sides so it can suck up dirty water from one side and then push it out on the other side, making sure that all parts of the pool get cleaned.

The main drawback of these smaller size pumps are the filter needs to be cleaned after every pump session and they do not last long.

There are many above-ground pool pumps on the market, but feel free to look at these specials from Amazon before making a decision.

Above Ground pool ladder.

A pool ladder is considered essential for above ground pools with an access point on the side.

It allows for safe and easy entry into a swimming pool, no matter what your age or physical condition may be. They can also prevent slippery accidents that could result in injury to adults and children alike.

Ladders typically come as either telescoping ladders which are easier to store above ground or pool steps that attach to the side of a pool wall and can be used as an additional safety feature for children.

Apart from easy access, a pool ladder also protects the steel frame from unnecessary scraping and wear. A pool ladder will help to ensure the life of your above-ground pool frame and can also prevent slippery accidents that could result in injury to adults and children alike.

Get a sturdy pool ladder here

Above Ground Pool Water Hose Vacuum

An above ground pool hose vacuum does exactly what it says on the tin. It sucks up water from your above ground pool. And this is perfect for emptying out a dirty above ground pool.

It can be used as a full-time above ground pool vacuum cleaner and is also a great above ground pool leaf vacuum cleaner.

It will not replace your above ground pump, but will clean up any debris or leaves that have fallen to the bottom of your above ground pool.

Just attached it to a normal hosepipe and it will suck through most leaves and bigger debris.

Shock treatment kit.

Shock treatments are used for above ground pools with algae problems and pools with high levels of chlorine in the water.

You can add shock treatment chemicals directly into the pool, or you can place them in the skimmer basket. It is always a good idea to keep them above the water level in order to prevent algae from forming. Be sure to check with your above ground pool manufacturer before adding any chemicals to avoid any damage that may occur to the lining.

Shock treatments should be done regularly, in accordance with local above-ground swimming pool care standards and state or provincial above-ground swimming pool regulations.

Above-ground pool cover

Ok, we will be honest, this one should have been number two on the list of importance, perhaps even number one. But we have covered this in so many articles already.

A pool cover simply is a must.

It helps keep the water in the above ground pool clean. This will prevent leaves and other debris from getting into your above-ground pool, which can have a negative effect on the water quality. It also prevents children and pets from accessing the above-ground pool area.

A pool cover is the ultimate above-ground pool safety feature.

Above ground pools are susceptible to water loss due to evaporation, so it’s important that you seal your above ground pool and keep as much of the water in as possible. A quality above ground pool cover will prevent this from happening by sealing off your swimming area from outside elements such as dust and dirt which can cause corrosion issues on metal parts of an above ground pool like a ladder or filter system, and even rusting steel frames if left unchecked for long periods of time. This also reduces heat transfer during warm weather months when the sun heats up any exposed part of an above-earth surface significantly faster than sealed surfaces.

If you’re looking for a high-performance above ground pool cover, then you’ll be happy to know that above-ground pool covers come in a variety of materials. You can find above-ground pool winter covers or above-ground swimming pool safety nets that are specially designed for colder climates and harsh winters.

Above Ground Pool Solar Cover

So this one is a nice to have, but perhaps a must if you decide in a very hot and dry climate.

Solar blankets work by trapping radiant heat from the sun. It also prevents water evaporation.

The best time to use solar pools is on those hot summer days where you’re finding yourself heating up your water with chlorine because it simply doesn’t stay warm enough without adding chemicals. The tighter the seal that these heat-retaining sleeves provide against an above-ground swimming area, the more they will help your above-ground pool stay warm.

Get your above ground pool solar covers here:

So we have covered the must-have maintenance accessories required for your above ground pool. Now, lets look at some of the fun accessories that will elevate your swimming experience to the proverbial next level!

Awesome above ground pool fun accessories

Floating pool lounger – these are perfect for relaxing in the sun

A floating pool lounger is a chair of sorts that floats on the water and separates you from the rest of the pool. It’s perfect for relaxing in the sun, and it doesn’t slip off or make waves. Floating pool loungers can be used in above-ground pools as well.

Simply put these are just fun. Perfect for lazy weekend swimming.

Get your floating pool lounger here.

Pool volleyball net – great for getting a little competitive

A pool volleyball net is a great way to get more competitive with your above ground pool.

Fun for the whole family to play something competitive while relaxing.

Water basketball hoop – hours of fun in the sun

A water basketball hoop is great for above ground pools.

Kids LOVE these hoops!

Inflatable slide

This one is also hours of summertime fun with friends and family

For those days when you want some more active swimming, an above ground pool inflatable slide will do just the trick.
These slides are perfect for kids who need that extra little bit of thrill and excitement on their above ground experience.

They’re easy setup and can be used as they grow so it’s a purchase that won’t break your wallet or drive you crazy with replacing all the time.

Get yours here

Pool floats with coolers attached underneath

Do we hear “POOL PARTY TIME?”

Of course yes, and pool parties are not only reserved for in-ground pools.

Pool float coolers hold drinks, snacks, or anything else you need while enjoying your time by the water.
If you want one of these then simply click here.

Above Ground Pool Lights

These provide the illumination needed to allow you and your friends enjoy nighttime festivities in your above ground pool without worrying about lighting it up with a string of bulbs or an expensive solar powered system.

Simply install one at either end of the deck as close to the water level as possible (not overhanging into the water) and power them each night by plugging them into any GFCI outlet nearby which will be activated when turned on, or use standard electric outlets if they’re available but make sure that nothing else is plugged in at these locations so no plugs have two devices running off one circuit breaker – this could lead to fires! Also, ensure that both above ground pool lights are not plugged into the same circuit breaker.

Canopy Shade for above ground pool

If the sun gets to hot, then get one of these.

An above ground pool canopy shade is perfect for pools that have a deck or patio. It will provide shade to your above-ground pool area from the sun and make it more comfortable in the summertime.

You can purchase an above ground pool canopy here

Waterproof Bluetooth speaker. 

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a speaker that can be used in the bath or by the pool.

Some speakers will have a suction cup, but not all of them. If it doesn’t, then you’ll need to buy one with a suction cup or attach one to your above-ground pool above where you set up your speakers so that it’ll stay put.

Fun idea: A Bluetooth speaker isn’t just for listening to music – it’s also for communicating with other people. So if you’re at the party and want someone to hand you something from over there, then just call them on your Bluetooth speaker.


Of course, there are a host of other pool items that you can consider. Simply click here to start your search. That said, add for us some of your favorites in the comment box below so that we can update our list regularly.

Happy swimming!

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